How to combat the smelly foot problem

There are many health problems that we are too embarrassed to address and foot odor is one of them. But it is far more embarrassing to let the problem go too bad and have it pointed out by people around you. Bromodosis, the medical name for foot odor, is a common condition and should not be something we feel ashamed about. If you are struggling with this problem, there are many home remedies you can try by yourself without having to go to the doctor.

Good hygiene

This should be a no-brainer but the key to keeping good foot hygiene is to wash them regularly and not only with water. You should always use soap, preferably antibacterial soap when washing your feet and take special care to wash the area between the toes because it is often neglected. Don’t let your toenails grow too long so that no dirt becomes lodged underneath.

Socks and footwear are also important. You should put on a new clean pair of socks every day. Also, wear socks that are made of the right material. For example, wool socks will absorb the sweat and keep it away from your feet. Take care to air out your shoes after wearing and wash them when needed because putting your feet in smelly shoes will only make your problem worse. It is good to avoid wearing the same shoes for days in a row. If you cannot do that, try at least to alternate different insoles every day. Whenever you can, wear open shoes, like sandals or slippers, to promote air ventilation.

Foot deodorant or antiperspirant

We use them for our underarms so why not also the feet. This is more of a quick fix rather than a complete solution but a foot deodorant that works properly will eliminate the odor problem until you find a permanent remedy. Because smelly feet are an increasingly common problem, there is a large number of different foot deodorants available so you will have no problems finding one for you.

For recommendations on the best deodorants, check out the reviews on Deodorant Advisor.

Feet care

While washing your feet is something you should be doing every day regardless if you have a problem with foot odor or not, giving yourself a feet spa at home can also have positive effects on the overall condition of your feet.

A nice soak just for your feet is an easy way to relax and improve the health and look of your feet. You can use special soaks available at drug stores or just use a half a cup of Epsom salts and dissolve them in warm water. Soaking your feet will make them soft. After the soak, use a scrub or a pumice stone to exfoliate the feet and get rid of the dead skin cells which are a hotbed for bacteria.

If none of the above methods bring the desired results, then you should have the problem looked at by a health professional to rule out serious underlying conditions.