Best 2 Tier Dish Racks

With some extra space on your countertop, a 2 tier dish rack is more than welcome. Not only you get additional space for vessels and cutlery, but the whole arrangement suits well the kitchen environment and gives a sheer sense of order to your household. This article provides you with top 2 tier dish racks with versatile designs and prices.

Our picks for high-quality 2 tier dish racks

We tried to make a list that could meet whatever you expect from this next purchase. Before you dive into our list make sure to set the parameters of the product you want: whether you are on a budget or aim high with the quality and functions.

Best price – iSPECLE 2 Tier Dish Rack. With a cost-effective output, this model is a heavy-duty product made out of high-graded chrome-plated iron. Although you are expected to provide some extra space for a usual 2 tier dish rack, iSPECLE designed a convenient dryer with an ergonomic outline. Set on two levels, the down tier can accommodate up to 30 bowls and glasses, and the top tier has drying space for up to 15 plates. The sides are equipped with storage for cutlery and cutting boards, thus, making the product effective on all margins. The drainboard is set bellow the two tiers and is meant to collect the water excess. When looking at the customer reviews, people were most thrilled about the easy assembly procedure and the sturdiness of the components.

Best constitution – GSlife 2-Tier Dish Rack. This is probably one of the most durable premium 2 tier dish racks. If you’re willing to give a couple of extra dollars for the ultimate kitchen tool, then you shouldn’t give second thoughts to GSlife’s dish rack. The model features a premium stainless steel anti-rust structure that would live in your kitchen for decades. This is no common 2 tier dish rack as it stands over the sink and stores not only dishes and cutlery but also soap and cleaning sponges. This dish rack is spacious enough to accommodate as many vessels as you would use in a week. Moreover, the model is equipped with anti-slip feet so that the dish rack doesn’t slide when the countertop is wet. Although customers praise the product for its extreme sturdiness, the fact that it doesn’t have a drainboard represents a downside to some of the buyers.

Editor’s choice – Veckle 2 Tier Dish Rack. Veckle took the lead material-wise with the products they design. We love this 2 tier dish rack due to its sturdiness translated in a premium stainless steel rust-proof structure. At medium size, this model provides storage for a large number of plates, pans, and glasses. While the upper-tier accommodates plates, the down tier stores everything from bowls, to pans and glasses. Also, the sides provide storage for cutlery and cutting boards. Another premium feature is the front bent foot support that delivers better stability in contrast to other dish racks. What’s more, the drainboard is not only removable and easy to clean but also cater to an absorption mat that assists in the drawing process. Although the model is relatively pricey, customers seem to be gratified and praise the facile maintenance and easy assembly.